When you think of a person with Down Syndrome, the first thing most people think is probably, " those are the ones with the funny eyes, which make them look all the same." Yes, people with DS can have that common characteristic of that upward slant to the eyes, commonly called almond shaped eyes. Well, for me, the thing that makes my son "different" is my favorite thing about him.

When Bryson  was 2 months old, I was still riding that roller coaster of emotions! After an unexpected diagnosis of DS and having people say things like, "delayed, mental retardation, heart defect, different" etc. One could say that I was a tad bit stressed! The Bible says that God will carry our burdens and ease our pain. One morning as I sat in our recliner, rocking and feeding my sweet new baby boy, that very thing happened to me! As I fed Bryson, he turned his sweet little face to look up at me with his "different" little eyes. It was as if Jesus himself was looking at me through those baby blue windows of heaven. A peace came over me and I just began to cry tears of joy, because I knew in that vey moment, everything was going to be OK. Very often I catch myself staring at Bryson's eyes. they are to me, a little piece of heaven on earth. When I am having a bad day, I can look into my little windows to heaven and know that I'm not alone! "Different" is not a bad thing, sometimes its the best thing of all!

Next time you see a person with DS, don't avert your own eyes because of a difference. Embrace the moment; look at the beauty in those sweet almond eye. Take a moment to talk to them. Yes, they might be hard to understand, as you are to them, but they won't let that stop them! Get close and snatch a little piece of heaven for yourself, if only for a moment. Lucky me, I get to snatch heaven up every day!

James and DeeDee Baker

"Windows To Heaven"

Bryson Baker 

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