God planted a seed in my heart when I was a little girl. As my life unfolds I realize more and more everyday if you listen to your heart without fear or doubt getting in your way, but truly listen to what God has planned for you. Any seed planted can turn into a beautiful flower! My story started when I was little. I watched a movie called "Johnathen the boy that nobody wanted"  growing up feeling very alone that movie impacted my heart in a very strong way. Every time I heard of Down syndrome my ears would perk up. I didn't fully know why then, but I always felt a pull in my heart.

      My husband felt a calling to adopt when he was a little boy,  I remember us talking when we got together and he told me that God had put Adoption on his heart.  Fast forward many years. My Husband and I had our first son. After a few years our little guy was ready for a sibling. We struggled with infertility for many years. The doctors all said everything checked out and they couldn't explain why we were not getting pregnant. Now I understand everything works in GOD's perfect timing. 

     Through devine intervention we heard about Addison. We are still trying to connect all the dots in Gods work. All we know is that there were many miles, multiple connections, and God speaking through so many hearts to get our information right where it needed to be!

When we received the call about Addison. When I asked the woman on the phone if there were other families looking into adopting her... she replied "No ma'am" This child has Down syndrome, Nobody wants her." MY HEART SANK.....WE DO!!!! Come to find out the statement "Nobody wants her"  was VERY false and the woman I spoke with had no true knowledge of her case! Addison's biological family and grandparents very much wanted her and wanted to keep her in the family but felt God telling them that he had another plan for Addison. Their strong faith and trust in the lord helped them follow Gods voice straight to us! 

     The first day Addison came into our home was one of the best days of our lives! We all had so many emotions and an overwhelming feeling in all of us just knowing we were all right where God wanted us to be. I remember Addison, her Grandparents, my husband and I all circling in prayer with heavy hearts. It was on that day, at that very moment in prayer that we all became a family! 


     Addison fit into our family right from the start as if she has always been with us. She has blessed our whole family with an abundance of Love & Joy! She teaches all of us everyday to smile and enjoy the little things because at the end of the day that's what matters most. Addison is like sunshine always finding a way to bring love & light into all aspects of life! She is the most selfless person I have ever known and is always thinking of others! I thank GOD everyday for allowing me the privilege of being this beautiful Angels mommy. Fast forward many years after Addison's adoption.We got pregnant with our little man Brady..... funny how God works to bring families together! Our family and Addison's biological family have also grown so much closer together..they are all such a gift to us.


     My Sister and a childhood friend both had children with Down syndrome. Being around my niece and my friends son really made fall in love with that very special extra chromosome. Interacting with them made me have a greater understanding that children with Down syndrome are more alike then different and that Down syndrome does NOT define them. They are beautiful children of God just like the rest of us!  The two of them were a huge inspiration in our choice to Adopt a child with Down syndrome. We would encourage parents thinking about adopting a child with special needs to take the leap of faith! Addison has given us so much more then we could have ever given her.  I feel their are hidden treasures in this world and if you take the time to fully trust your heart and be present in life's moments the abundance of love and pure joy you feel in your heart is worth everything!

     Is God finished??? Not a chance!!! Addison's Nana & Papa did lots of journaling throuh prayer during the year they had her. One of the things God told them during the time was that this chosen family and Addison were going to move a community where Addison was going to make a huge impact and spread awareness and acceptance in the Down syndrome community. Wow... was he right! shortly after her Adoption we got moved from CO to WY then to Abilene, TX.  After settling in here in the BIG country I met two wonderful ladies that I have partnered up with. They both also have kiddos with Down syndrome and share my passion for spreading Awareness and Acceptance. I feel God guiding me every step of the way to spread LOVE for his children and giving Addison the tools she needs to be an powerful, passionate, loving and independent adult! TOGETHER we are thriving to build an inclusive community!  We are so excited to discover all that God has in store for us.

Thanks for taking the time to hear the story of how God brought us all together!

With Love,

The Bortnick Family